Camp26 NewsChannel, Special Template for Joomla! News Portal

Conceitedly, We inform about the 2nd template for’s members club, a special template for special Joomla live site. This template called NewsChannel (Camp26 NewsChannel) and released since 31 may. With this template, we have opportunities to create our joomla become

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Super Carousel Banner

Lets updating become to Super now!!!! It’s free module. We have updated this module (Carousel Banner) become to SUPER Carousel Banner (CAMP26 SUPER Carousel Banner) There are several new feature, Carousel Animation (Faster Carousel, Standart Carousel, Slow Carousel, Smooth Carousel), Automator Delay

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Glossy Album Gallery

Glossy Album Gallery is another module for Camp26 Club. This module shows your photo, picture, portofolio and other images in nice gallery like glossy album at your frontpage with simply for using but special action and special flash mode. You able to

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Camp26 SportCar, Elegant Joomla Template

Camp26 SportCar Template is the new and the 1st template for Camp26’s Club Template. Special template for all those who want to create a classy sport car club or cars club website, personal car website, car magazine or sport news website. But

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Pro News Ticker

Do you want your Joomla web site have more features? And also have a special addons and more interactive display? Pro NewsTicker module either one. With this module, your Joomla site allows to show several articles title as news ticker based on

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Flash Image Banner

We have just released our new module called Flash Image Banner. This module allows to show all active image banners out of the component within your site with flash fade animation. Not only the images, but also that url is enable. This

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Daily Flash Image Colection

We have just released our new module called Daily Flash Image Colection. As the name, this module is used to showing you your daily images collection like gallery images with nice Flash Fade Effect. This module really support for JPG, GIF, PNG,

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Flash Image Colection

This module is used to showing your image collection in module folder image with Flash Fade Effect on your Joomla 1.5.x native or Joomla 1.0.x native. This module really support for JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP images and work properly in company with

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Camp26 Studio Template

Today we have released a new template that we call this with Studio (Camp26 Studio Template). Camp26 Studio Template is appropriate with your Arts and Design’s site, because it has a lof of space for your image gallery. This template is working

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