Camp26 DisplayLand Template, Build Your Professional Joomla Video Sharing or Portal Video

We present a special template at the beginning of this year. DisplayLand(Camp26 DisplayLand Template). This Joomla template will help you to have a site for personal video, portal video, video sharing and another purposes that will make your visitors enjoy their visit and tempt them to return to your site. Because this template have designed with more fun, fresh, clean, nice and more features.And also, it will be makes your site more interesting, because supported by several special additional addons (camp26_seyret_slider, mod_seyret_aio_plus, camp26_skinchanger, etc) and also, not to forget, a integrated Custom Extension Template for your fireborad forum (pink and silver), that will make your page’s look more integrated and professional.

This template have 3 color (original, pink and silver) and several module class suffix (-nopading, -green, -red, -silver, -nobox-nopading). All of them is ready to be combined with your needs. and also there is super dropdown navigation menu that ready to use with extended menu.

Camp26 DisplayLand Template templates are available in standard package and Quickstart package for Joomla 1.5.x native and 1.0.15.x