Camp26 “MEDIO” Template, The Trend of Media/Portal Sites

Want to have a nice site with fresh alternative and more functional feature for a new era media site?
Bored and tired with the oldest layout? The new year with the new features?
let’s using this template soon (Camp26 MEDIO Template), and follow the trend of media sites currentlyCamp26 Medio templates ready to be used as a demo version of Joomla 1.5.x native and we still provide a version of Joomla 1.0.15, which has experienced some improvement and further development by Camp26 Team.With Camp26 Medio Template, December’08 Template, we can build a great and clean sites for news, media, portals and various site for the purpose of personal or organization.

This site is equipped with various features that are very interesting and very needed by the modern media. We completed the feature with several addons, that they are ready to integrate with your site

Here are the basic features:
  1. Unique layout and design (Web 2.0)
  2. Native dropline with special dynamic directions (there are several options: Linear, easein, easeout, expoin, expoinout, bouncein, bounceout and more)
  3. Multiple dynamic template switcher
  4. Multiple color (Original, Black and Paper)
  5. Multiple templates width systems (fluid and Fixed)
  6. Available for Multiple fonts (normal and small. And easy to edit and change that size)
  7. Native Search engine and native current date
  8. Many module positions
  9. Available for ToolTips (based on the module)
  10. Special iframe for TV / News Tickers and More

In addition, there are specific features to complement this template:

  1. Scroll Latest News, Showing some image and title of each content with scrolling slide directions. This feature use mootools.
  2. Breaking News, showing the title content plus sepecial Tool Tips with containing Title and Introteks.
  3. Special Scroll ticker at the TV / News Ticker.
  4. Showing the latest updated information about the latest time update dari situs ini.
  5. And other features from 3rd developer (Stock Trader, V Rates, etc)

The templates are available in standard package and Quickstart package for Joomla 1.5.x native and 1.0.15.x