How does Magento make Online Buying Easy


Did you know that one of the first things that would determine the success of your online ecommerce enterprise would be KPI’s? Considering that the online space is immensely competitive in nature, it would be necessary to determine Key Performance Indicators and monitor their progress continually, in order to remain in business. And, undoubtedly, a proficient ecommerce shopping cart software can immensely help in getting your act right.


Ideally, some of the key performance indicators for an online ecommerce enterprise would be fostering brand affinity, delighting and retaining customers and being able to provide a seamless and easy buying process to patrons. Thankfully, there are ecommerce solution providers like Magento that achieve all of the above quite easily. This is probably the reason why, popular ecommerce businesses like BagInc and CN Bazaar have resorted to Magento for optimum visibility and improved business prospects.

How Does Magento Ensure Convenience in Online Purchase

Cumbersome purchase procedures could put off any customer, especially because, most of them would have switched to online buying on account of the sheer convenience it promises. This is precisely why; ecommerce packages like Magento provide a seamless buying experience online, enriched with superlative customer service. And the advantages are savored in the form of happier customers and higher conversions. Some of the ways in which Magento ensures a hassle free buying experience for customers include:

#1: Proficient Search Capabilities:

Magento’s Enterprise Edition makes use of a Solar Search System that would help your customers in tracking down the products of their choice, really fast. Search results are made more relevant by the usage of synonyms, spellings, stop words and so on.

#2: Layered Navigation:

Filters with layered navigation are displayed so that the customers can effectively narrow down their range of options and put their finger on the product they are looking for, in order to complete their purchases. Filters can be created on attributes such as category, price, color and much more.

#3: Persistent Shopping Technology:

This technology helps in providing a seamless shopping experience to buyers, as they switch between browsers and devices. A long term cookie can be deployed here so that customers can log in just once and continue shopping irrespective of the place from where they are accessing the internet. Such convenient experiences are bound to delight customers never endingly.

#4: Proficient Customer Service:

The ecommerce solutions by Magento allows the business owner to adopt a hands on approach in helping customers by adding to products to shopping carts as well as wish lists from the admin panel itself, as and when they require help.

#5: Multiple Shipping and Payment Options:

Magento’s Enterprise Edition is compatible with almost all major payment options including PayPal. Besides, customers can also pay using money orders, checks and gift cards. Magento Connect offers other payment extensions too. Shipping too is also integrated along with all major carriers and calculations are done on the basis of real time or on flat rates.

#6: Return Management:

Enterprise Edition ecommerce solution also manages the return process effectively by specifying items for return, enabling customer notifications and so on.