Display Random Text Using Joomla!NewsFlash in 4 Steps

Joomla’s newsflash module can be an incredibly useful tool for adding value to your website.

Why use Joomla’s NewsFlash?

We use NewsFlash because :

  • Offers visitors access to important current events and posts
  • Enables users to view important new events and posts on your Joomla website
  • Allows you to add things such as Jokes, Quotes, or Testimonials to your web page.

The newsflash module gives you the option of displaying your newsflashes horizontally, vertically on every modul position.
See the result

In this tutorial we will create 3 articles that will appear randomly on the newsflash module. And use our new theme camp26 “Natural themed”.

How to?

1. Create A New Category > 2. Create Newsflash Article > 3. Create Modul > 4. Test Your Modul

You can see..It’s very easy

Step 1. create new category

1.Open your Joomla Administrator Page ( and login


2.Then in your Administrator Panel select Content > Category Manager

3.And your Category Page Click New, to make a new Category

4.Give a name for your new category, I use “Health Tips” name. And for the section I used News Section. You can use the default section or create a new one it is  your choice.

5.Klik Save, it’s done

Step 2. create article

1.Prepare three articles which we will enter in newsflash module, see example below :

Article 1
Exercise. It’s not hard to figure out how to stay healthy when you exercise. Be active every day. Of course you should take the stairs at work. You don’t have to do it every time you enter or leave the building, but try and make it a goal to do it at least one time a day. It will be easier each time you do it, and will get faster and faster. Soon you’ll be wanting to take the stairs twice a day or more. If you don’t have any stairs at work, go up your stairs at home a few extra times. You could walk to the nearest restaurant at lunch time, or walk to the nearest park to eat your lunch you brought from home. Walking is great for your body and your health, so do it as often as you can

Article 2.
Drink lots of water. Your body needs water to make it run. The human body is made up of 60 to 70 percent water. Blood is mostly water, muscles, lungs, and even your brain all contain a lot of water. Water transports oxygen to cells, protects your joints and organs and is used to regulate your body temperature. You NEED water so drink a lot of it throughout the day

Article 3
Stay happy. Make time for yourself to do something just for you. That doesn’t mean time to clean the house or cut the grass (unless you really like doing these kinds of things). Letting negative feelings build up inside will make an unstable from of mind. soon you’ll become grumpy or depressed which will have a negative impact on everyone. Stay happy, stay positive and everything will look brighter. Believe it or not this is a no brainer when you are trying to figure out how to stay healthy.

2.On top page of Category Managery select Content > Article Manager >

3.Then click New on Article Manager page

4.Change section and

select category that we have made earlier “health tips”

5.On Advance menu change changed the show title option to “no”, this was so newsflash will not show health tips title.

6.Copy of one of our articles that have been previously prepared on editor page

7.Save it.

8.And repeat for each article.

Step 3. Create Modul

1.From the top page Article Manager, select  Extensions, and choose “Module Manager”.

2.You can create new modul or edit an existing modul. Because of this theme, has been installed Newsflash modul, so in this tutorial we will edit this modul.

3.Find Newsflash modul with the type “mod_newsflash”, then select it.

4.On Modul Edit page, change category with category that we have made previously “Health Tips” and give the title : Health Tips

5.Then choose position, I like left position

6.Save it and done

Step 4. Test

Open your site, and you can see Newsflash modul will display our article on left position randomly on every page you open.