Camp26 Pop Up Menu

modpopupmenuWe are proud to announce the release of our latest free extension, Camp26 Pop Up Menu.

As the module name suggests, the module displays your menu image in nice pop up effect. This is how the module works:

Each menu list have its own image. First, the menu list images are flocked in the right corner of the page, and if it’s clicked, those menu list image pop up.


Some Features of the module are:

  • Pop up effect for menu
  • Replaceable images for each menu list
  • Variable number of menu list


The module actually is really easy to configure. In the module administration, you can select image for each menu list, select how much menu list will be activated, and change the name for each menu list. It’s recomended that you use only one word for each menu list. But if you want to use more than one word, separate the words using ‘-’. Also, better if you set the module title to ‘not displayed’.

If pop up effect doesnt work, maybe there’s conflict with other extensions javascript framework. try disabling the jquery in the module administrator.