Camp26 Portal Template

Camp26 Portal Template is modification of Camp26 Inter Portal Template. This premium template is suitable your for portal, personal templates and another purposes.

The template have 4 interesting default camp26slidingtabs, transparant extended menu, kunena latest events and supported with several special additional addons (eventcompactlist, mod_minifrontpage_j15, etc). This template have 5 module class suffix (-black, -white, -blackwhite, -nobox, -nohead). All of them is ready to be combined with your needs.

The modification we made is, now you can change style of this template from your joomla administrator


STYLE SWITCHING in template parameter

*  com_eventlist_1.0.1_schlu
*  com_kunena_v1.5.6_b1086_2009-10-02

MODULE camp26:
*  mod_camp26_slidingtabs (4 default slidingtabs)
*  mod_eventcompactlist

*  -black
*  -white
*  -blackwhite
*  -nobox
*  -nohead

Camp26 Portal Template templates are available in standard package and Quickstart package for Joomla 1.5.x native