Domain Stolen And We Move To

We greatfull sorry to announce to all of our member and all who have used our facilities. Domain camp26(dot)com have been stolen by some one starting friday january,23.

Why This Announcement Come Late

- This all weeks we try hard to get our domain, but until now we just cann’t have it back.

We have contact pasarhosting as the first server provider and godaddy as the server domain after it stolen (the hijacker move server domain to godaddy). But there isn’t meaning progress (domain still in the hijacker hand).

- We also have figure how this hijacker doing his hijack.
In fact there have been same case like with us.
you can see at: here
Luckily on those Url, he can have his domain return back.

The hijacker using the problem security on gmail and make all message from pasarhosting forwarded to his email. With that information he transfer our domain ( And then he change server domain from pasarhosting to godaddy.

With this announcement, we hope domain can be back by the hijacker.
And We hope all support from members and all who use our facilities to help us get back our stolen domain.